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Frequently Asked Questions

RV City, Inc. has been in business since 1987 under the same ownership. Obviously, we are here to stay. The RV industry recently went thru some pretty tough times and many manafactures and dealerships went out of business. We have done well and we owe it to our customers who continued to buy here and had their RV's serviced here.

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We have a lot of banks and credit unions that we use and we know what one offers the best rates. We can also use your source or someone that you do business with in the past but keep in mind some sources do not finance RV's on a regular basis and may not have the best terms. RV's like homes can be financed for 10, 15 or 20 years terms.

RV Financing

That will depend on your credit score and the length of time that the RV is financed for. Currently, finance rates are the lowest that they have been in years.

RV Financing

That depends on your car or trucks towing capacity RV's can range from 2000 lbs for a travel trailer to 18,000 lbs for a larger 5th wheel. Any RV City, Inc. salesman can look up the towing capacity of your vehicle. It is important to stay within your vehicles guidelines so as to not damage your vehicle or place yourself in danger.

Tow Guides

Everyone has to pay STATE sales tax. The big advantage of buying an RV from RV City, Inc. is that we do not have a city sales tax. This can save you thousands of dollars on an RV purchase.

First, I must say check with your tax attorney, but in most cases an RV is a home. The interest tax deductible like a second home. The sales tax and license plate cost can be deductible in the year the RV is purchased.

We sell other lines of RV's but, we honestly believe JAYCO is built best and give the customer the most value for their money. JAYCO weathered the tough years that the RV industry went through and they have been in business fo 47 years. They are also one of the manafactures that offers a 2 YEAR "BEST IN INDUSTRY" Warranty. The warranty just shows that they truly believe their product is better!ent

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